Frequently asked questions


DRJACKETS creative team is at your disposal for personalising every single detail selectively. Made to measure tailoring is the art of customized style. Our passion for personalization is also our promise to deliver tailored garments for your individual needs. This promise begins with selecting the best quality natural fur and leather. DRJACKETS made to measure specialists are always at your disposal. The freedom to choose your own style in our store is the true definition of luxury and exclusive service. Time frame for a new order is 3-6 weeks.

USE & CARE | Fur care

* Do not wash the fur or immerse in water. * Do not dry-clean the fur. * Do not iron the fur. * Keep it away from fire and excessively hot places. * Do not wear it on rainy days. * Do not allow direct contact with the skin in to keep the collars clean. * Do not wear heavy accessories on the fur. * If partly wet, dry it on a cool and aired place. * Do not use insecticide. * Do not use mothballs. * Do not spray perfume or cologne on the product as alcohol may cause drying out and induration. * For cleaning, send your fur to a cleaning center specialized in fur cleaning.

USE & CARE | Leather care

*Do not wash the leather. * Do not allow direct contact with bleach. * Do not iron it. * Do not use a drying machine. * Never keep it in a plastic bag. * Always keep it on a coat hanger. * If partly wet, dry it on a cool and aired place. * Keep it away from fire and excessively hot places. * Do not wear it on rainy days. * Leather is a natural substance which may have grains, pores and veins. Partial skin discoloration may occur. Thickness of the skin may vary. These are natural and do not indicate manufacturing defects. * For cleaning, send your leather to a cleaning center specialized in leather cleaning.


You can order any product from our website or Instagram. If the item is marked as "sold out" - Please email us with all the information needed (picture, colour, size and any other specific requirements). We aim to respond within 24 hours. Usually the international shipping for items that are in stock is 2-3 days with our chosen courrier (DHL or UPS). For bespoke items it can take up to 6 weeks to be produced & allow extra couple of days for the item to be shipped and delivered. For domestic shipping we offer next day complimentary delivery.



By offering a wide selection of products we have been able to build a strong client base. We believe that it is highly important to maintain genuine long-term connections with the customer. Our goal is to supply for life. Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority. Our customers are our headliners. One of the main components to keeping satisfaction up high is through distinct after sales service. We make sure to lend a hand at every step after it is decided to enjoy our endless variety of products. Our customers get to experience first-hand what it means to be part of the DRJACKETS family. In order to sustain these valuable relationships, we make sure to know who our customers are and continuously update them about who we are. Carefully thought out events introduce our collections and communicate our core believes.